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Age of Z is an exciting but dangerous game that, with its rough but hopeful world, will keep you entertained by hours of killing bloodthirsty zombies. In this Online Game You have to try to form strong, functional unions with other real and global players to cope with killing zombies. The world in which it enters is filled with cruelty, death and suffering. To win and survive, you need to trust your other teammates and ask for help. Your teammates can be crazy scientists or brave soldiers, one of your teammates may even be a professional killer or old spy agent, who is now killing brutal zombies for disrupting the global system.

In this game made by American game studio Camel Games, Inc. several thousand gamers are working with you to cleanse and save humanity. With a complete archive of a variety of strong and well-equipped weapons, you will have the ability to kill any zombie in each level and position, but in this game escaping the ability and skill of strategy and predetermined maps is also very important. Try to find zombie bases and kill them with a group attack.

By winning each stage and earning points, you can buy clothes and equipment for your favorite doctor or by upgrading his power to the top of the table powerful cartes.Run this game requires the Internet and this will prepare you for an online and real competition. If you are tired of playing with artificial intelligence and planning and want to benchmark yourself with experienced and real gamers, strategic and action game Age of Z will definitely be the best choice for you.

Age of Z Mod Apk

Some of the features of Age of Z

An online game
3D graphics
Use different types and categories of zombies
Rebuilding the devastated city
Expanding and conquering the domain of domination
Archives of weapons
Strategic and exciting online game
Survival and the Secret of Survival
Forming a Union

Age of Z Apk

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Requires Android: 4.1+

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