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AVG Cleaner Pro APK v6.15.0 (MOD, Unlocked) For Android

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AVG Cleaner Pro APK – is a mobile application designed to help users optimise the storage and performance of their Android devices.

AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner, a powerful app designed to declutter and optimize your device’s storage for enhanced performance. Developed by AVG Technologies, AVG Cleaner offers a comprehensive suite of tools to clean junk files, boost memory, and improve the overall efficiency of your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re running out of storage space or seeking to improve your device’s responsiveness, AVG Cleaner is your solution for a cleaner and faster mobile experience. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of AVG Cleaner: Storage Cleaner and why it’s an essential tool for maintaining the health of your device.

Smart Junk Cleaner

AVG Cleaner’s smart junk cleaning feature efficiently identifies and removes unnecessary files, cache, and residual data that accumulate over time. By cleaning out this digital clutter, you’ll free up valuable storage space and create room for the things that matter.

App Manager

Manage your apps effectively with AVG Cleaner’s App Manager. The app provides insights into how much storage each app consumes, allowing you to identify apps that may be hogging resources. You can also uninstall or remove rarely used apps with ease.

Memory Booster

Experience a noticeable boost in your device’s performance with the Memory Booster feature. AVG Cleaner clears background processes and apps that may be consuming system resources, leading to smoother multitasking and improved responsiveness.

Storage Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of how your device’s storage is utilized with AVG Cleaner’s storage analysis tool. The app breaks down your storage usage by categories, such as photos, videos, apps, and documents, enabling you to identify where your storage is predominantly allocated.

Battery Saver

AVG Cleaner’s Battery Saver mode helps extend your device’s battery life by identifying power-draining apps and processes. By optimizing energy consumption, you can enjoy more usage time between charges.

Duplicate Photo Finder

With AVG Cleaner’s Duplicate Photo Finder, you can reclaim the space that duplicate or similar photos have taken up. The app scans your gallery for duplicate images and gives you the option to remove them, freeing up space without compromising your cherished memories.

Auto Reminders

Set up automatic reminders to regularly clean your device, ensuring that clutter doesn’t accumulate over time. AVG Cleaner’s auto reminder feature helps you maintain your device’s optimal performance without manual intervention.

Key features of “AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner” include:

  1. Junk Cleaner: The app allows users to scan and remove unnecessary files, cache, and junk data that accumulate on their device over time. This can help free up storage space and improve device performance.
  2. Memory Boost: “AVG Cleaner” may include a memory boost feature that helps users optimise their device’s RAM by closing background apps and processes, which can lead to smoother multitasking and faster performance.
  3. App Manager: The app often offers an app manager that allows users to view and manage installed apps. Users can uninstall or disable apps they no longer need, helping to further free up storage space.
  4. Battery Saver: Some versions of the app might include a battery saver feature that helps users extend their device’s battery life by identifying and reducing battery-draining apps and activities.
  5. Duplicate Photos: “AVG Cleaner” may offer a feature that helps users identify and remove duplicate or similar photos, freeing up space taken up by redundant media files.
  6. Storage Analysis: The app often provides insights into how storage is being used on the device, allowing users to identify which types of files or apps are taking up the most space.
  7. Notification Cleaner: “AVG Cleaner” might include a feature that helps users manage and clear unnecessary notifications from their notification bar, keeping it clutter-free.
  8. Device Optimization: The app aims to optimise overall device performance by cleaning up storage and system resources.
  9. In-App Purchases: While the core features of “AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner” are often available for free, there might be premium features or a subscription option that provides additional benefits.

The app is designed to help users maintain their device’s storage efficiency and overall performance. Features can vary based on the version of the app and any updates that have been released. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to check the official app store listings or the app’s official website.

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