Bio Inc. Redemption : Plague


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Bio Inc. Redemption v0.80.424 MOD APK (Unlocked and Unlimited dna)

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Bio Inc Mod Apk is an engaging Android game that puts you in control of the life-or-death decisions of patients as you either save or succumb to various illnesses. It’s like being the puppet master of a medical drama, making critical choices that impact lives.

Bio Inc Apk

Epidemic Mastermind

Imagine being the mastermind behind diseases and infections. Your goal? To strategically spread illnesses and build them up in a way that overwhelms the medical efforts to cure them. It’s like playing a strategic game of cat and mouse!

Medical Strategy Simulation

Ever wanted to play doctor? Bio Inc. Redemption: Plague is all about diagnosing and treating patients with different diseases. Your choices directly affect their outcome, leading to life or, unfortunately, death.

Bio Inc Apk

Simulation Strategy

But it’s not just about spreading diseases; it’s about understanding how different factors affect health. You’ll have to tactically manage symptoms, boosters, and risk factors to create the perfect storm of ailments. It’s like solving a Puzzles but with dire consequences.

Competitive Challenges

The game challenges you to outsmart doctors and their treatments. As they strive to diagnose and cure the diseases you create, you’ll need to adapt and evolve your Strategy to keep your plague going strong.

Visually Engaging

Visually, the game presents a detailed and engaging interface that immerses you in the world of medical strategy. The graphics help convey the severity of your plague’s impact on the human body.

Bio Inc Apk

Unique Patient Stories

Each patient comes with their own story and medical history, presenting diverse challenges that require a personalized approach to treatment.

Challenging Gameplay

Bio Inc. Redemption: Plague offers a challenging gameplay experience that tests your strategic thinking and ability to outmaneuver medical interventions. Each decision you make can influence the outcome, making every playthrough unique.

Bio Inc Apk

Key Features

  • Strategically create diseases and illnesses to infect the human body
  • Manage and evolve symptoms, diagnosis methods, and treatments
  • Challenge yourself with different difficulty levels and medical scenarios
  • Unlock new diseases, viruses, and medical conditions as you progress
  • Earn bio coins to enhance your abilities and unlock special items
  • Experience an engaging storyline through various medical cases
  • Research and upgrade medical facilities and equipment for better treatment outcomes
  • Compete with friends in the multiplayer mode with epidemics  
  • Make critical decisions that affect the patient’s condition in dramatic ways
  • Engage in a compelling combination of strategy, simulation, and medical themes
Bio Inc Apk


Bio Inc. Redemption: Plague is a gripping game for those intrigued by strategic simulations. It offers a different perspective, allowing you to see the impact and complexity of diseases from an unconventional angle.

So, if you’re ready to unleash your inner strategist, create havoc with diseases, and challenge medical interventions on your Android device, dive into Bio Inc. Redemption: Plague for a compelling and thought-provoking gaming experience!

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