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Brutal Street 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.3.0 APK

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The action-packed mobile game Brutal Street 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a creation of Black Pearl Games Ltd. It falls under the beat-em-up and action RPG genres, offering players a retro-style gaming experience with modern twists.The game is typically set in a gritty urban environment, where players must navigate city streets and alleys while facing various challenges and enemies.

Brutal Street 2 an interesting and popular Android action and fighting game, from ApkHouse

the gritty and action-packed world of Brutal Street 2, a Games for mobile devices that throws you into the center of urban anarchy where street gangs, crime leaders, and vigilantes engage in brutal brawls and fierce combat. You’ll establish a gang, fight in titanic street fights, and get to the top of the ruthless street hierarchy in this action-packed adventure. Let’s explore Brutal Street 2’s exhilarating features.

Brutal Street 2 Apk

Build Your Street Gang

You can find potential members and put together your street gang in Brutal Street 2. Several distinctive characters are available, each with a different fighting style and set of skills. Create a group that fits your playstyle strategically.

Action-Packed Combat

Fight gang rivals and strong opponents in ferocious and dynamic battle. You can use a variety of martial arts moves, special attacks, and combinations in the game to defeat your enemies and unleash devastating abilities.

Street Brawls and Showdowns

Navigate the game’s metropolitan setting’s risky streets, where you’ll run across a variety of obstacles and assignments. As you make your way through the grimy metropoltake part in street brawls, showdowns, and epic confrontations.

Brutal Street 2 Apk

Equipment and Customization

Equip your gang members with a wide variety of weapons and equipment to improve their fighting skills. Create unstoppable combatants by customizing your characters to fit your favorite combat style.

Gang Upgrades

The talents and abilities of your gang should be improved. Strengthen your characters, discover new abilities, and advance through the levels to take the lead in the harsh street combat.

Storyline and Missions

Uncover the underworld’s secrets by following a suspenseful plot that is full of intrigue and drama. In your struggle for domination, finish difficult tasks and face off against formidable bosses.

Brutal Street 2 Apk

Multiplayer Mode

PvP (Player vs. Player) combat between players can be engaged in in real time. Prove your gang’s domination in the brutal street arena by competing against opponents from around the world while putting your talents and Strategy to the test.

Visuals and Sound

Brutal Street 2 has realistic, meticulous graphics that perfectly depict the urban environment. The soundtrack and sound effects in the game heighten the tension in the environment and combat.

Frequent Updates

To keep the gameplay interesting and fun, the game is frequently updated with new content, characters, and challenges. The creators are committed to giving users a dynamic and developing experience.

Brutal Street 2 Apk


A smartphone game called Brutal Street 2 immerses you in the gritty and exciting realm of gang warfare and street battle. This game offers a high-octane and action-packed adventure, whether you’re creating your gang, fighting fiercely, or climbing the ranks of the cruel street hierarchy.

Download Brutal Street 2 right away to be ready to fight, plan, and rule the mean streets. In this vicious urban conflict, can you guide your gang to victory and become the ultimate street fighter? The realm of street combat is calling for your best performance yet.

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