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Candy Manor Home Design (MOD, Unlimited Star) v104 APK

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Candy Manor Home Design (MOD, Unlimited Star) is a mobile game that combines elements of home design and puzzle-solving gameplay. Developed by Magic Seven, it offers players the opportunity to renovate and decorate various rooms in a mansion while completing match-3 puzzles.

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A lovely and delicious smartphone Games called Candy Manor – Home Design marries the fun of interior design with the allure of candy-themed decor. You’ll set out on a trip to turn dilapidated residences into creative dwellings with a candy theme in this sweet adventure. Let’s explore Candy Manor’s vibrant and imaginative universe.

Candy Manor Apk

A Sweet Design Challenge

You’ll assume the character of an aspiring decorator with a sweet tooth for design in Candy Manor. Your goal is to renovate and embellish various properties so that they resemble enchanted, sweet wonderlands.

Candy-Themed Decor

Use your imagination to decorate rooms with furniture, accessories, and decorations with a candy theme. There are countless options for sweet d├ęcor, from candy cane couches to lollipops as chandeliers.

Engaging Puzzles

You must solve difficult match-3 Puzzles in order to receive design awards and unlock new things. Matching candies to reach your design objectives will help you solve these entertaining puzzles.

Candy Manor Apk

Renovation and Transformation

Each property you work on is initially in need of repair. Get your hands dirty, rebuild the space, and add candy-inspired flair to make it gleam. Your reputation as a top decorator increases the more transformations you perform.

Whimsical Storyline

As you advance in the game, you’ll learn about a charming plot that’s full of lively characters and delightful surprises. As the story develops, keep up with it to solve new design puzzles.

Special Events and Challenges

Take part in specialized in-game challenges and events that offer original design tasks and chances to gain rewards. These occurrences keep the gameplay interesting and present fresh decorating opportunities.

Candy Manor Apk

Social Interaction

Within the game, communicate with friends and other designers. Collaborate on decorating projects, visit each other’s candy-themed houses, and exchange design ideas.

Visual Appeal

The vibrant and endearing graphics of Candy Manor bring the world of candies to life. The aesthetic design of the game enhances its overall sweetness and attractiveness.

Frequent Updates

The game is updated frequently with new material, eye-catching graphics, and challenging design problems. The game’s creators are dedicated to keeping it exciting and active.

Candy Manor Apk


A smartphone game called Candy Manor – Home Design encourages you to explore your creative side while decorating a candy-themed paradise. This game delivers a lovely and enjoyable experience, regardless of whether you are passionate about interior design, enjoy solving puzzles, or simply enjoy a whimsical and sweet ambiance.

Download Candy Manor right away to get ready to go on a decorating journey, unleash your design skills, and turn regular places into candy-coated fantasy homes. Can you construct the most beautiful candy-themed decorations and emerge as the top designer in this adorable and sweet world? It’s time to find out now!

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