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CPU X Device & System info – is an android app that provides information about the CPU of your device. It also tells you the system info, such as the Android version, screen resolution, and memory usage.

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About this android app CPU X Device & System info

CPU X Device & System info android app is a very useful application that gives you all the information you need about your device and system. You can find out what kind of processor your device has, what kind of system it is running on, what kind of graphics card it has, and more. The app is very simple to use and provides all the information you need in an easy-to-read format.

Android has become the most popular mobile operating system in the world. There are many reasons for this success, but one of the key reasons is that Android is open source. This means that anyone can create an app for Android and make it available for download from the Google Play Store.

One of the most popular Android apps is CPU X Device & System info. This app provides basic information about a device’s CPU and system configuration.

With the CPU X Device and System info Android app, you can quickly get access to your device’s specs, system information, and more.

CPU X Device & System infoCPU X Device & System info

Features of the CPU X Android program:

• Device Profile – Get the most complete information about your device such as processor,
core, speed, model, RAM, camera, sensor, etc.

• Smartphone Search – View the most detailed Android smartphone specification details.

• Internet Speed ​​Monitor – View current download and upload speed in notifications and combined speed in the status bar.

• Battery Monitor – View charging or discharging current in milliamps and battery temperature in notifications.

• News and Articles – Latest technology updates and informative articles.

• Question/Answer Forum – A special dedicated forum to answer your questions.

• Tests – Test your device’s functions such as display, multi-touch, earpiece, speaker, microphone, vibration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint, volume buttons, flashlight, headset jack, and charging port.

Ruler tool – an accurate linear scale for measuring distances in centimeters and inches.
Compass – A useful tool that shows the Earth’s magnetic north using the magnetic sensor in the device.
Bubble level – a tool designed to indicate the level or lack of level on a horizontal plane.
Emergency signal – color screen light with text to signal in emergency situations.

Widget – A semi-transparent widget on the home screen displays important device status information at a glance.

CPU X: System & Hardware info is a program that shows complete information about the following:

Processor, Cores, Clock Speed, Current Frequency, Heap memory, Boot loader, Instruction set, CPU Governor Baseband Version, Kernel Version, ID, Host, GPU, Vendor ID, CPU family, Model Name, Bogomips, Power Management

Manufacturer, Model, Brand, Board, Serial, uptime, sleep time, OS version, API level, RAM, Storage memory
Fingerprint, Build ID, Build Time
WIFI, WIFI Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, NFC, GPS, Microphone, Camera Flash, USB Host, USB Accessory
Removable Storage, Printing, Is device rooted – Yes / No

width, height, diagonal size resolution, density, orientation, density x, density y

Data connection, Network, Download speed, Upload speed, IP Address
Internet/data speed in the status bar and in notifications
SIM card:-
SIM Card information
Network Operator Name, SIM Operator Name, Network Country, Phone Type – GSM/CDMA/SIP, IMEI, SIM Serial number, Subscriber ID, Roaming
Battery Level, Battery temperature, Voltage, Technology, charging status
Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Light-sensor, Gravity-sensor, Gyroscope, Orientation, Temperature, Pressure,
Proximity-Sensor, Game Rotation, Step detector, Step counter


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