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Freedom software, ie in-app payments, is also included in Lucky Patcher.
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May 08, 2023
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Free download Lucky Patcher Apk 10.0.7 (Full) Apk + MOD Game license removal app for Android form ApkHouse.

lucky patcher 02 mod apk

Surely, if you do not know Lucky Patcher software, you will get a full tablet once you install it! With Lucky Patcher software, you can patch the licenses of most programs and games and turn the trial software and game into a permanently cracked software! Now, the latest version of this software, along with its video tutorial by Apkhouse, is available to you, dear visitors.

Freedom software, ie in-app payments, is also included in Lucky Patcher, and you will not need to install Freedom‌, and if an app has in-app payments and Lucky Patcher is able to patch it, you will be able to pay with Lucky Patcher. Do counterfeiting.

Lucky Patcher It is a very simple and practical program in the field of programs and games that are not completely cracked and need to be connected to the market to run! Now we have a new version of this program that can remove all licenses for your dear ones, which is fully compatible with Android 4! You can use Lucky Patcher to remove program and game licenses and see the items that need in-app payment. Other applications of the program include removing ads and installing custom patches for the free use of software and games with restrictions. With this application, you can easily purchase additional items that are included in some games and applications as in-app payments.

Lucky Patcher has been released independently by Android developer ChelpuS for Android users, which has so far achieved a high percentage of user satisfaction.

Features :

  • Ability to remove license errors from applications and games
  • Ability to make in-app payments for free
  • Ability to remove ads from Android apps and games
  • Has dedicated patches for popular programs
  • Ability to mod Google Play
  • Ability to create cloned versions of programs
  • Ability to save changes and create modded versions of applications

Note: To use this software, your phone must be rooted.

What’s New:

General tutorial of Lucky Patcher software to crack Android applications:

After running Lucky Patcher, you will see a list of programs installed on your phone, each of which has a color. Each of these colors has a different meaning and concept, which we will explain:

Green: This means that this program has a very high chance of being patched.

Yellow: This means that this program has a dedicated patch and if the version of the installed program is compatible with its patch, the program will be cracked 100%.

Light blue: This means that the program has Google ads and can be removed by patching ads.

Pink color: This means that this program is in the boot list and runs automatically when Android comes up.

Pale pattern: This means that the app has in-app payments and you have the chance to make fraudulent payments.

Red: This means that the program is not patched and there is no chance of cracking them.

Orange color: This means that this program is an Android system program and you have to be careful in patching it, and sometimes the program may malfunction.

Leaf symbol: Its activation indicates that Lucky Page has made changes to the program.

Asterisk: Created the ODEX file with the changes applied to the application. If you delete ODEX‌ the program will return to its pre-patched state.



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  1. David says:

    please update this app and lounch old version of game to support on old device and lounch the old version game like sakura school smulator ! Good luck Team apk hause

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