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Epik Material You icons (MOD, Patched) v0.9 APK

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Epik Material offers adaptive icons that dynamically adjust their colors based on the wallpaper accent of the system and adapt to both light and dark modes on the device. These custom launchers provide a unique visual experience.

Light/Dark Adaptive Icons bring a new dimension of customization to Android devices, offering over 4200 dynamic icons alongside specialized features like dynamic calendar and clock icons, custom folder and app drawer icons, cloud-based wallpapers, and a robust icon request tool. They redefine personalization, allowing users to seamlessly integrate these icons into their preferred launcher settings and adapt to changing color schemes.

Epik Material Apk

Epik Material: Exploring its Features

Epik Material’s vast library boasts more than 4200 adaptive icons, ensuring a diverse range of choices for users seeking customization. Alongside this extensive icon collection, it incorporates dynamic calendar icons and a clock icon that adjusts according to the device’s theme, providing a harmonious visual experience.

Utilizing Light and Dark Adaptive Icons

To leverage these adaptable icons effectively, users need to understand the methods of implementation in different launcher applications, like Lawnchair 12.1 and Hyperion Launcher Beta. Activating themed icons within the settings of these launchers facilitates automatic color adaptation, synchronizing with changes in wallpaper or system accent.

Epik Material Apk

Essential Considerations and Technicalities

Compatibility plays a crucial role in utilizing these icons. While certain launchers automatically adapt to color changes, others may require specific versions or additional steps, like applying icons via Theme Park for Samsung devices. Pixel Launcher also presents variations in icon application based on root access.

Recommended Launchers for Optimal Performance

Select launchers like Lawnchair 12.1 and Hyperion Launcher Beta stand out for their automatic color adaptation features, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users on Android 8 and above. These, along with other recommended launchers, offer seamless integration with Light/Dark Adaptive Icons.

Epik Material Apk


Incorporating Light/Dark Adaptive Icons adds an unprecedented level of personalization to Android devices, allowing users to effortlessly sync their icons with their preferred launcher settings. This dynamic feature significantly enhances the visual appeal and customization potential of smartphones.

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