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Jetaudio Plus Apk is a highly appreciated multimedia music player app that allows users to stream music or live audio videos, conveniently transfer files to the home network, and even display lyrics on cards. With its high-quality sound and customizable features, it has become one of the most popular media players for Android devices.

The Jetaudio Plus Apk is a highly rated and trusted multimedia music player app that allows users to stream music or live audio videos from files, shared folders, and home networks. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to display lyrics on cards.

Available on platforms like Google Play and APKHOUSE, Jetaudio Plus Apk offers a unique and immersive music listening experience. It is a reliable and trusted choice for users looking to enhance their music playback experience on their Android smartphones.

jetAudio Apk


In the world of media players, jetAudio stands out as the highest-rated and most downloaded choice on APKHOUSE.COM. Now, Android users can elevate their audio experience with the same high-quality sound that JetAudio is renowned for.

Sound Effects and Visualization Plugins

Crystal-clear audio

Discover the magic of JetAudio’s sound effects and visualization plugins. Enhancements like Crystalizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer, and Bongiovi DPS take your audio experience to the next level. Dive into the immersive world of sound, where every note is crystal clear and every beat resonates with precision.

Visualizations Beyond Imagination

JetAudio goes beyond just sound. With captivating visualizations, the app transforms your listening session into a mesmerizing experience. Plug into a world where your music comes alive not just through your ears but also through captivating visuals.

jetAudio Apk

Seamless File Compatibility

JetAudio doesn’t discriminate; it plays almost any type of digital music file you have. From the familiar.mp3 and.wav to the more niche.ape and. opus formats, jetAudio ensures compatibility with your entire music library. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of genres without worrying about file formats.

Unleashing the Power of Effects

Tailored Audio Enhancement

JetAudio provides a rich palette of effects and enhancements, including Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass. Choose from 32 equalizer presets for a customized listening experience. For the audiophiles who crave more, the app allows a 10/20 band graphic equalizer, putting the power to tailor your sound directly in your hands.

Advanced Playback Functions

Take control of your music with advanced playback functions. Adjust playback speed, enable crossfading, utilize AGC (Automatic Gain Control), and explore much more. JetAudio is not just a player; it’s your gateway to a personalized and dynamic listening experience.

Seamless Streaming Capabilities

Local and Cloud Streaming

JetAudio seamlessly streams music from shared folders on your local home network or WebDAV servers. Whether it’s from your Windows shared folders, a USB drive attached to the router, or cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, jetAudio ensures your music is always within reach.

jetAudio Apk

Unveiling Plus Version Features

Elevate Your Experience

The Plus version of jetAudio introduces a range of exclusive features to elevate your audio journey:

  • 20-bands graphic equalizer
  • Tag Editor for MP3, FLAC, OGG, and M4A
  • Display lyrics in tag (Unsynchronized lyrics)
  • 3 lock screens for added security
  • Pitch shifter for creative control
  • Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)

Aesthetic Enhancements

Not just about functionality, the Plus version also offers aesthetic enhancements:

  • Light Gray/White theme for the browser
  • Grid mode for Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser
  • Adjust the FF/REW interval for a seamless experience
  • Expanded notification bar (for JB)
  • MIDI playback using the JetAudio WaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine
jetAudio Apk

More Features for All Users

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Even the basic version of JetAudio packs a punch with features like:

  • Play music via Wi-Fi from shared folders on a local home network
  • Choose between 3 List modes or 10 Grid modes for layout style
  • Diverse app widgets for a personalized home screen experience

Control and Customization

Take control of your music with features like Last. fm integration, X-Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass sound effects. Manage volume fluctuations with AGC, control speed from 50% to 200%, and enjoy gapless playback.

User-Friendly Functionality

Intuitive Controls

JetAudio goes beyond just features; it’s designed with the user in mind.

  • Crossfading for a smooth transition between tracks
  • Fade-in/Fade-out for a seamless start and end
  • Repeat A<->B for looping your favorite sections
  • Easy browsing and playback by artists, albums, songs, playlists, genres, and folders

Convenient Extras

JetAudio adds convenience to your audio experience with:

  • Balance and volume control for fine-tuning
  • Sleep timer up to 24 hours
  • Social sharing with a flick-up to post on Twitter
  • Quick access to Now Playing with a flick-down
jetAudio Apk

Compatibility and Accessibility

Tailored for You

JetAudio supports a variety of formats, including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, and more. Note that WMA may have limited support on some devices, so check your specifications for compatibility.


To experience high-quality sound and personalized music playback, look no further than jetAudio Plus APK. With its impressive features and user-friendly interface, this multimedia music player app has gained the trust and appreciation of countless users. From streaming music and live audio videos to accessing a vast music store, JetAudio Plus APK provides a seamless and immersive music experience.

Upgrade your listening experience today and enjoy the incredible features that JetAudio Plus APK has to offer.

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