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Mergical‏ v1.2.56 Mod Apk download

Mergical Mod Apk download For Android

Mergical is a fun and childish game that is divided into fancy games by Betta Games, which is available to Android users. In this charming and colorful childish game, as well as the fantasy that has been set in the world of clouds and has created a very beautiful scene because of a spell rewarded by a witch in the past, this beautiful world is going away. Your role as a hero is to play a very beautiful and kind girl who wants to save her beautiful world from destruction. They have a series of unique features of their own that will help you a lot in the game process. You can also ask your friends for help solving riddles and play multiplayer. You should put up to 3 identical pieces together and witness the next amazing events. Collect magical and mysterious music notes to help you restore this land. Use collected materials to redesign or update your buildings and add to the beauty and decoration of your city. If you are interested in this game, you can download Mergical from the Android website code and play.

Mergical‏ Mod Apk

Some of mergical features

  • a very childish and attractive game
  • excellent and uniquegraphic
  • sothe solving of fun puzzles
  • the edification of various and varied items
  • spons for children and young ages
  • the design of their excellent island of unique and beautiful buildings
  • “Redesign or update your buildings from collected materials
  • The completion of a variety of fun and exciting levels for an unqualified exploration and gameplay
  • the use of integration skills and puzzle solving to awaken the land and break the wizard’s spell
  • the find magical creatures like cute cats and make them your best friends

Mergical‏ Apk

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Requires Android: 4.1+

Mergical‏ Android

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