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Nova Launcher Prime APK v8.0.13 (MOD, Paid Unlocked)

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Nova Launcher Prime APK is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use home screen replacement that stands out in the world of Android customization.

If you want to make your device super cool, make it go faster, and make it work even better, here are seven things you gotta know about Nova Launcher!

With Nova Launcher Prime, you can make your home screen look super cool! You can change the way your icons look, arrange them in different ways, and even make them do fancy animations when you scroll or switch screens. You can move around or make app icons bigger or smaller, make your own special folders, and even make apps disappear from the app drawer.


Nova Launcher is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use home screen replacement that stands out in the world of Android customization. This piece goes over the most important features and functions of Nova Launcher, giving you a complete plan to change the way you use Android.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Some Features Of Nova Launcher

A. Overview of Nova Launcher

The Nova app is not just any app; it changes everything for Android users. Let’s look at the most important things about Nova that make it a great choice.

B. User-Friendly Interface

Nova has the right amount of advanced Tools and is easy for anyone to use. Nova has an easy-to-use design that works for everyone, from tech experts to regular people.

C. The Newest Features

Nova is always getting new versions so that a lot of different devices can use the newest Android launcher features. Nova’s cutting-edge apps will help you stay ahead in the Games of customizing Android.

D. Custom Icon Themes

Nova lets you change a lot of things because it works with thousands of icon sets from the Play Store. With a huge library of stylistic tweaks, you can make your device more unique than ever.

E. Night Mode and Dark Theme

Nova’s night mode can be set to automatically turn on at a certain time or can be turned on and off by hand for a sleek dark theme. Improve your viewing experience while keeping your eyes from getting tired.

F. Customizable App Drawer

You can make your app drawer look the way you want it to by changing the page effects, interactive layouts, and the way it scrolls vertically or horizontally. Nova makes sure that your app drawer is as special as you are.

G. Subgrid Positioning

Nova’s subgrid placement lets you get pixel-perfect accuracy. Nova is different from other launchers because it lets you snap icons and apps between grid cells.

H. Backup and Restore

It’s never been easier to switch between phones or try out different home screen layouts. Nova’s backup and restore tool makes the process easier by letting you choose between local and cloud storage.

I. Speed

Nova’s highly optimized speed makes sure that animations run smoothly and quickly, giving even older phones a fast and fluid feel. Feel the speed without any limits.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Unleashing Nova Launcher Prime

A. Nova Launcher Prime Overview

With Nova Launcher Prime, you can get even more out of Nova. Open up a world of options that will change the way you use your Android device.

B. Gestures

Use motions like swipe, pinch, double tap, and more to easily move around your home screen. Nova Launcher Prime turns easy actions into custom commands so that everything works together smoothly.

C. App Drawer Groups

You can make your app drawer more organized than ever by adding your own tabs or groups. Nova Launcher Prime makes your phone feel very organized by putting your favorite apps right where you can reach them.

D. Hide Apps

Clean up your app drawer without getting rid of any apps. Nova Launcher Prime lets you hide apps, which clears up your screen while still giving you quick access to all the apps you need.

E. Custom Icon Swipe Gestures

Custom swipe movements on home screen icons or folders let you make the app feel more like you. Nova Launcher Prime helps you do powerful things with simple steps.

F. More Surprises

Nova Launcher Prime comes with a lot of extra features, such as scrolling effects, unread numbers, and more. These new features will make your Android experience better.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

User Reviews and Reception

Nova Launcher Prime is a super cool Android launcher app that lets you make your phone’s home screen look exactly how you want it to! Nova Launcher Prime has gotten really good reviews from people who use it. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the app stores!

Is Nova Launcher compatible with all Android devices?

Yes, Nova Launcher is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, providing a seamless experience across different brands and models.

Can I revert to my previous home screen setup if I don’t like Nova?

Absolutely. Nova’s backup and restore feature make it easy to switch back to your previous home screen setup without losing any customization.

Are there any privacy concerns with Nova’s use of permissions?

Nova respects user privacy. The AccessibilityService and Device Administrator permissions are used solely for enhancing system functions, and no data is collected.

What makes Nova Launcher Prime worth the investment?

Nova Launcher Prime unlocks advanced features like gestures, app drawer groups, and custom icon swipe gestures, offering a premium Android customization experience.

Can I use Nova Launcher Prime on multiple devices with a single purchase?

Yes, once you’ve purchased Nova Launcher Prime, you can use it on multiple devices associated with your Google account, providing a consistent experience across all your Android devices.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Final Word

So, Nova Launcher is super cool for Android users because it lets them customize their phones in so many ways. It’s really easy to use and makes your phone even better! With Nova Launcher, you can do so many cool things! You can use gestures to control your phone and manage your apps easily. It also helps you organize your folders smartly and makes your phone run super fast! Try it out, and make your Android experience even better!

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