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Penny & Flo v1.117.2 APK (MOD, Unlimited Lives/Coins)

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Penny & Flo Mod APK is a mobile puzzle game. In this game, players join the characters Penny and Flo as they embark on a journey to renovate and restore various homes and properties. The gameplay typically involves solving match-3 puzzles to earn rewards, complete tasks, and progress through the storyline.

Introduction Penny & Flo: Home improvement

Penny & Flo: Home improvement will take you on a fascinating journey through interior design and home improvement. Join Penny and Flo, two creative and enthusiastic characters, on their mission to renovate and enhance numerous houses and enter a world of imagination and transformation. Get ready to show off your design prowess and lose yourself in this charming mobile game’s addictive gameplay.

Penny & Flo Apk

Meet Penny and Flo

You’ll have the pleasure of getting to know Penny and Flo in Penny & Flo: Home Renovation, two friends with a love of design and a talent for transforming run-down homes into beautiful havens. As you follow their explorations, their creativity and dedication to bringing life back to abandoned homes will inspire you.

Transforming Spaces

The game’s core is found in the conversion of run-down buildings into stunning living areas. Every space, from cluttered attics to unkempt gardens, gives a different challenge and a chance to show off your creative skills. To give every nook fresh life, pick from a variety of decor themes, furniture designs, and color schemes.

Engaging Puzzles

You’ll run into riddles as you advance through the game, adding an extra dimension of Strategy and fun to your Adventure through refurbishment. Uncover the history of each property by solving riddles to gain rewards, unlock additional design features, and more. Renovation and riddles work together to make the gameplay interesting and exciting.

Penny & Flo Apk

Design Your Dream Home

You have the ability to start from scratch when you play Penny & Flo: Home Renovation. Try out different layouts, furniture configurations, and design options to create a room that matches your individual taste. The Games offers limitless opportunities to realize your vision, whether you like warm and rustic or sleek and futuristic.

Uncover Heartwarming Stories

Every remodeling job hides a heartwarming tale just waiting to be discovered. You can make connections and get insight into the lives of former tenants as you restore properties and disclose their history. Immerse yourself in touching tales that give your renovating experience dimension.

Join a Vibrant Community

Find other players who appreciate design and creativity as much as you do. Share your successful remodeling projects, trade advice, and get ideas from others’ endeavors. The game’s emphasis on community makes you feel more comradely and inspires you to design beautiful settings.

Penny & Flo Apk

Constant Updates and Challenges

Penny & Flo: Home Renovation is dedicated to offering gamers engaging tasks and new content. New properties to renovate, more design possibilities, and seasonal events are regularly added in updates, keeping the gameplay interesting and constantly changing.


Enter the realm of design, imagination, and transformation with Penny & Flo: Home Renovation. Your companions, Penny and Flo, will help you revitalize locations, solve riddles, and come across moving stories along the journey. This smartphone Games promises hours of intense pleasure, whether you’re a design expert or just looking for a fun and peaceful gameplay experience.

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