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Prankster 3D (MOD, Unlimited Rewards) v6.3.1 APK

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Prankster 3D (MOD, Unlimited Rewards) is a mobile game that often falls within the simulation or puzzle genre.Prankster 3D generally features gameplay centered around solving puzzles and completing prank-related challenges. Players often assume the role of a mischievous character and must use their wits to execute pranks successfully.

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We welcome you to the world of Prankster 3D, a brilliantly cheeky mobile Games that allows you to pull off a variety of practical jokes in a 3D amusement park.

Prankster 3D Apk

Prank Your Way to Victory

Getting in touch with your inner prankster is the focus of Prankster 3D. This game offers a wide variety of humorous options to pick from, from traditional jokes to original and surprising pranks. Your objective? to play a joke on your unwitting victims and take pleasure in the commotion and hilarity that result.

Diverse Prank Scenarios

Different prank scenarios in the game keep the fun going. You’ll have plenty of venues to explore and several possibilities to cause trouble, including office settings, city streets, and even bizarre research labs.

Creative Tools and Gadgets

You’ll gain access to a variety of innovative Tools and devices to help you become a great prankster. You may find everything you need to pull off your pranks in style, whether it’s whoopee cushions, rubber chickens, or complex devices.

Prankster 3D Apk

Hilarious Reactions

The fun of pranking resides in seeing how your targets respond, and Prankster 3D excels in this area. Observe how your targets often respond with wild laughter, surprise, and confusion. The laughter that a brilliant prank causes is captured in the game.

Challenging Levels

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter levels that get harder and harder. As you try to outwit your targets, these levels will put your inventiveness and strategic thinking to the test. Can you win by playing pranks?

Family-Friendly Fun

Family-friendly, Prankster 3D is the ideal game for gamers of all ages. It’s a chance for parents, kids, and friends to get together, laugh together, and connect over the craft of practical jokes.

Prankster 3D Apk

Share the Laughter

Without spectators, what good is a wonderful prank? You can record your pranks in Prankster 3D and share them with your friends and other players. It’s a method to share smiles and show off your funniest and most original practical jokes.


A mobile game called Prankster 3D promises never-ending fun and laughter. This game gives you the chance to explore your playful side, whether you’re an experienced practical joker or just seeking some lighthearted fun.

Prepare for a prank-filled journey with Prankster 3D. It’s time to outwit your opponents, cause mayhem, and amuse your loved ones. Start your trip into the realm of funny practical jokes and never-ending Entertainment by downloading the game right away.

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