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RaspController (MOD, Pro) v5.7.1 APK

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RaspController Pro, a groundbreaking application, empowers users to effortlessly oversee their Raspberry Pi remotely. This versatile tool facilitates file management, GPIO control, terminal-based command execution, image viewing from connected cameras, and data retrieval from various sensors. Additionally, it offers wiring diagrams, pins, and crucial information for optimal Raspberry Pi utilization.

RaspController Apk

Unveiling the Features

GPIO Mastery

Discover the power of managing GPIO ports with ease, whether toggling between on/off states or employing impulsive functions.

File Management Unleashed:

Navigate the Raspberry Pi landscape effortlessly with a file manager that allows copying, pasting, deleting, downloading, and visualizing file properties. It even boasts a handy text editor.

Terminal Commands at Your Fingertips:

Engage in seamless communication with your Raspberry Pi using the Shell SSH feature. Send custom commands and take control like never before.

Monitoring Performance Metrics:

Keep a watchful eye on your Raspberry Pi’s vital signs with real-time monitoring of CPU, RAM, storage, and network statistics.

RaspController Apk

Camera Insights:

Transform your Raspberry Pi into a surveillance hub by accessing live images from connected cameras, all within the RaspController app.

Tailored user widgets:

Personalize your Raspberry Pi experience with custom user widgets, adding a touch of individuality to your setup.

Process Management:

Efficiently manage running processes with the built-in process list feature, streamlining your Raspberry Pi’s performance.

Environment Sensing:

Unlock the potential of DHT11/22 sensors for humidity and temperature, DS18B20 sensors for temperature, and BMP sensors for pressure, temperature, and altitude.

RaspController Apk

Sense Hat Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Sense Hat into your Raspberry Pi projects, expanding the capabilities of your device.

Raspberry Pi Intel:

Dive deep into the heart of your connected device with the ‘Info Raspberry PI’ feature, providing comprehensive information about your Raspberry Pi.

Pinout and Diagrams Decoded:

Demystify the complexities of Raspberry Pi hardware with detailed pinout information and diagrams, ensuring accurate connections.

Wake on Lan Magic:

Harness the power of Wake On Lan, using your Raspberry Pi to send magic packets and wake up other devices on the network.

RaspController Apk

Stay Informed with Notifications:

Receive real-time notifications sent by your Raspberry Pi, ensuring you stay in the loop with your device’s activities.

Power Management:

Exercise control over your Raspberry Pi’s shutdown and reboot functions, all at your fingertips within the RaspController app.

SSH Protocol and Authentication:

Experience secure communication with your Raspberry Pi through SSH, with options for password or SSH key authentication (RSA, ED25519, and ECDSA). The app even supports Tasker integration, enhancing its functionality.

RaspController Apk


In conclusion, RaspController is a game-changer in the realm of Raspberry Pi management. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a myriad of features, makes it an indispensable tool for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Say goodbye to complexities and welcome a new era of seamless Raspberry Pi control.

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