State of Survival:Outbreak


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State of Survival v1.19.80 (MOD, Unlimited Money + Gems)

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State of Survival Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money + Gems) instincts for self-preservation and strategic thinking are essential. Construct a prosperous town, assemble a group of survivors, and defend yourself against waves of zombies as you play this game.


Your natural instincts for survival will be put to the ultimate test in State of Survival: pandemic, which takes place in a planet ravaged by a terrible zombie pandemic. You, as a player, have the responsibility of not only avoiding the hordes of the undead but also putting the pieces of civilization back together again. This mobile Strategy Games delivers an engaging combination of resource management, base-building, and strategic battle in its gameplay. Let’s immerse ourselves in the action-packed world of Outbreak and find out what it takes to make it in a world that has been devastated by a catastrophic event.

State of Survival

In this part of the guide, we’ll delve into the complexities of State of Survival: Outbreak’s gameplay that help to make it such a fascinating experience overall, as well as the backstory.

Base Construction and Development

You should get started on your Adventure by establishing and growing your colony. Construct new buildings, improve existing ones, and bolster your defenses as you work to make your stronghold resistant to the unrelenting onslaught of zombies.

Team Building and Recruitment

Find a wide variety of survivors, each with their unique set of capabilities and strengths, and recruit them. To improve your chances of surviving, you should forge friendships and alliances with the other people who have managed to escape the disaster.

Resource Management

To maintain your community and encourage its expansion, you will need to amass resources such as food, water, and materials for construction. Survival absolutely requires careful and effective utilization of available resources.

Zombie Horde Defense

Get ready for some fierce combat against wave after wave of undead. Protect your community from the unrelenting invasion of the undead by carefully positioning your fortifications, arming your remaining people, and engaging in fierce combat.

Strategic Combat and Raids

Fight zombies controlled by artificial intelligence as well as the settlements of other players in a tactical conflict. Strategize your assaults, make use of the talents of your survivors, and take vital resources from the opposing bases.

Exploration and Storyline

Embark on a story that is driven by discovery and will help you unravel the secrets that lie behind the epidemic. You may get insights into the world’s history and the present by following the plot and completing the tasks.

Hero System and Upgrades

Choose a hero to lead your survivors into battle, each with distinctive abilities that have the potential to change the outcome of the conflict. Raise the levels of your heroes, outfit them with gear, and provide them access to more powerful powers as you do so.

Alliances and Collaboration

Consolidate your power by creating partnerships with the other players. Collaborate with one another to defeat formidable foes, participate in activities that need alliances, and bolster your overall presence.

Events and Challenges

Take part in time-limited events and challenges that give special rewards and new ways to advance in the game. Maintain your interest in the ever-changing material of the game.

Stunning Visuals and Atmosphere

Experience the fascinating and immersive atmosphere created by the rich post-apocalyptic landscapes and character designs. Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world.


State of Survival: In Outbreak, players are dropped into a world overrun by the undead and given the opportunity to survive. You will face difficulties, make alliances, and learn the truth about what caused the pandemic as you construct a community of survivors, plan for their leadership, and direct their actions. State of Survival: Outbreak challenges you to hone your instincts for survival and prosper in a world where every choice matters by providing you with a compelling gaming experience, a wealth of strategic complexity, and regular content updates.

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