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Subway Simulator 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money) v3.9.8 APK

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Subway Simulator 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money) offers a unique opportunity to navigate various routes on the metro map. Choose from four different subway trains, customize them to your liking, and explore intricate train controller routes across the metro map. Switch between different views of your metro express, from the cab view to the car view, and immerse yourself in the experience of being a true train controller. This subway game and new train simulator allow you to upgrade your train driver and build a successful career in this underground environment. Earn authority points by completing routes and delivering passengers to unlock more metro rail routes and trains. With an array of features and challenges, this railway app provides an unparalleled opportunity to become the ultimate passenger train controller in these engaging metro train games.

Subway Simulator 3D Apk

Experience the thrill of operating in the Subway Simulator 3D games by choosing a route and an underground train with up to three cars. Control the doors using the door button, and adjust speed with the lever. Keep track of passengers and change camera views to monitor them. Adhere to speed limits, use the metro express warning signal when needed, and be cautious to avoid accidents. Explore metro rail routes, transport passengers between stations, and utilize the new autopilot function. The app offers a realistic subway experience with breathtaking underground exploration, passenger train simulation, multiple trains and routes, autopilot capability, high-speed control, and an immersive metro map. Enjoy a revamped Subway Simulator 3D featuring new metro express trains and enhanced gameplay options, making it one of the top metro train games available!

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