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Sumikkogurashi Farm v5.3.2 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Sumikkogurashi Farm (MOD, Unlimited Money) – where you can cultivate crops, prepare delectable treats, set up seating for relaxation, and revel in the process of crafting your delightful farm while spending quality time with Sumikkogurashi.

At Sumikkogurashi Farm, you can relax and be creative in a friendly environment. These cute San-X characters make for a unique game experience. Let’s go on a trip through this cute farm game that wins hearts with its easy-to-understand controls and fun gameplay.

Sumikkogurashi Farm Apk

Introduction to Sumikkogurashi Farm Game

In this peaceful farm adventure, players can find comfort in the Sumikkogurashi figures, creating a calm space to relax. Imagine yourself walking through lush fields, planting a wide range of crops, and enjoying the simple pleasures of farm work.

Getting Started

Dive into the basics: Grow a wide range of plants and turn them into tasty snacks and meals that will make your mouth water. Do what you’re told to get experience points (XP) and coins, which will help you move forward in the game’s world.

Progression in the Game

You can see your farm grow as you level up, unlocking a wide range of decorative items and earning prestigious titles along the way. You’re not just going to grow; you’re also going to style your dream farm.

Sumikkogurashi Farm Apk

Dress-Up Feature

You can make your Sumikkogurashi figures unique by dressing them up in ways that reflect the spirit of each season. You can add some imagination to the game by changing their clothes to match your mood or the weather.

Social Interaction and Gameplay

Your beautifully designed farm isn’t just for looking at; use the social features to interact with it and share your ideas easily. Get together with friends and enjoy the fun of taking care of these cute farms together.

Meet the Sumikkogurashi Characters

Explore the charming characters that live in this virtual world. Shirokuma’s love of warm tea and Tokage’s funny pranks are just a few of the things that make the game so appealing.

Sumikkogurashi Farm Apk

Who Would Love Sumikkogurashi Farm?

This game is fun for a lot of different types of people, including fans of San-X characters, people who want to play games for fun and creativity, and people who love making their little worlds.

App Details and Compatibility

Sumikkogurashi Farm can be downloaded for free, but there are in-app purchases that let you get extra material. To fully enjoy this fun game adventure, make sure you have an internet connection and use a device with Android OS 6.0 or higher.

Crafting Your Sumikkogurashi Farming Experience

Make a haven full of charm and imagination by turning an empty plot into your sanctuary. This game lets you play at your own pace, making it a relaxing break during busy travels or any other time.

Sumikkogurashi Farm Apk


It’s easy to relax and be creative in Sumikkogurashi Farm, which lets players make their peaceful haven with these well-known figures. Enjoy taking care of your farm, finding new things, and talking to other people in this magical world.

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