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Train Taxi (MOD, Unlimited Coins) v1.4.26 APK

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Train Taxi (MOD, Unlimited Coins) is a mobile puzzle game with a casual and engaging gameplay experience where players control trains on a railway network, picking up passengers while avoiding collisions.

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A fun and compelling mobile Puzzles game, Train Taxi tests your capacity for strategic thought and planning. This SayGames video Games transports you over a network of rails where you must pick up passengers and build the longest train without colliding.

Pick Up Passengers

You steer a train that travels down rails in a train taxi. Picking up people who are strewn throughout the maze and loading them into your train is your goal. The only catch is that people can only be picked up if your train is equal to or shorter than the total number of passengers in a group.

Train Taxi Apk

Avoid Collisions

You have to steer clear of hitting the tracks or other obstacles as you navigate your train through the maze. It’s game over if your train collides with any obstruction or with itself. Planning your path and controlling your train’s length to prevent crashes is the difficult part.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and swift decision-making are necessary for Train taxis. In order to efficiently gather passengers while avoiding obstacles, you must anticipate the optimum route. The mazes get trickier as the game goes on, necessitating increasingly careful planning.

Collect Coins

Along with the passengers, the tracks also include coins that can be collected. The game can now be customized by using these coins to unlock new trains and skins.

Train Taxi Apk

Simple Yet Addictive

Train Taxi is simple to pick up and play whenever you want, thanks to its addictive yet simple gameplay. The game’s principles are simple to grasp, but the enjoyable difficulty is learning how to control your train’s length while navigating the tracks.

Compete for High Scores

By providing leaderboards where you can compare your top scores with other players, Train Taxi promotes competition. Aim for the longest train possible and move up the ranks.

Relaxing and Engaging

Train Taxi can be a difficult puzzle game, but its easygoing pace and simple rules make it an excellent option for relaxing and killing time. The vibrant graphics and relaxing background music make for an enjoyable gaming environment.

Train Taxi Apk

some key features of “Train Taxi”:

  1. Puzzle Gameplay: The game’s core gameplay involves controlling trains on a grid-based railway network. Players must strategically move the trains to pick up all passengers and complete levels.
  2. Passenger Collection: Passengers are scattered throughout the levels and must be picked up by the trains. Collecting all passengers is the primary objective.
  3. Increasing Complexity: As players progress through the game, levels become more complex with additional trains, passengers, and railway tracks. This adds to the challenge.
  4. Collision Avoidance: The main challenge in “Train Taxi” is to avoid collisions between trains. If trains collide, the level restarts.
  5. High Scores: Players can aim to achieve high scores by completing levels efficiently, picking up passengers quickly, and avoiding collisions.
  6. Power-Ups: Some versions of the game may include power-ups or special items that provide advantages, such as slowing down time or changing train directions.
  7. Visual Style: “Train Taxi” typically features colorful and minimalist graphics, with a straightforward and easy-to-understand visual design.

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