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Treasure hunter (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.117 APK

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Treasure hunter Mod APK A free metal detecting simulator called Treasure Hunter features several amusing adventures and an engaging plot based on actual events. The player will assume the role of a metal detectorist who sets out in search of adventure in the historic region known as “Monastyrskaya Sloboda” in the scenic countryside of Eastern Europe. is populated by kind individuals who are knowledgeable of many tales and secrets of this bizarre land rich in history. You will encounter a wide variety of quests and individuals in the game’s distinctive open world. The difficulty level of new discoveries will increase as the plot progresses. To help you increase the effectiveness of your treasure seeking, the game offers an outfit shop.
Help the villagers do their tasks to earn rewards, upgrade your equipment, locate exciting new places to explore, and unearth unusual treasures. It is up to you where you go in this free world.

Treasure hunter Apk


Are you prepared to put on the armor of a contemporary Indiana Jones and set out on a daring expedition in search of lost treasures? There is only one Games you need to play: Treasure Hunter. It offers a thrilling voyage full of puzzles, mysteries, and priceless finds. Get ready to explore some of the most mysterious places on earth in pursuit of undiscovered treasures.

The Thrill of Treasure hunter

A thrilling treasure hunting experience unlike any other is provided by Treasure Hunter. This Games promises an adrenaline rush and hours of absorbing action, whether you’re an avid lover of treasure-hunting Games or a beginner to the genre.

Solve Puzzles and Riddles

Get ready to have your brain put to the test as you run into a ton of brainteasers in the form of Puzzles and riddles. There are clever traps and intricate locks to protect each treasure. Only those with a sharp mind and an acute sense of detail can unravel the mysteries of these hidden gems.

Treasure hunter Apk

Explore Exotic Locations

visit stunning and unique sites all over the world. Each location, from ancient temples deep within the jungle to desolate desert oases, is painstakingly designed to evoke a sense of wonder and adventure. With Treasure Hunter, you may be sure that you’re not only looking for treasures but also getting lost in a world of fascinating locations.

Uncover Historical Artifacts

Not only will you find wealth as a Treasure Hunter, but you’ll also find rare historical artifacts. Each discovery has a narrative that helps to explain the mysteries of the past. It’s not only about having money; it’s also about protecting history and putting your stamp on it.

Customize Your Adventurer

Give your character a personality and outfit them with the Tools and gear they need for their treasure-hunting adventures. Your decisions about cutting-edge technology and traditional instruments will have an impact on your professional performance.

Treasure hunter Apk

Engaging Multiplayer Experience

In multiplayer mode, team up with other global treasure hunters. Make alliances, exchange knowledge, and embark on difficult journeys together. The multiplayer component of Treasure Hunter gives the Games a social component that ups the excitement factor.


Your pass to a mysterious, exciting, and fascinating world of precious finds is Treasure Hunter. Are you prepared to unearth lost riches, unravel enigmatic riddles, and make your mark on history? It’s time to go on an adventurous journey into the world of treasure hunting.

Test your skills as a legendary treasure hunter by playing Treasure Hunter today.

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