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Truck Simulator PRO USA (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.26 APK

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Truck Simulator PRO USA APK – is a simulation game for driving trucks across the United States.Offers realistic truck driving experience with highways, cities, and off-road environments.Complete missions and tasks while navigating through different locations.Choose from a variety of trucks.


With Truck Simulator PRO USA, you can go on an exciting virtual trip through the United States’ roads and landscapes. As a truck driver, you can take on difficult missions, drive in realistic situations, and visit famous American towns. This Simulation Games is the best thing ever for truck fans because it has stunning graphics, realistic truck models, and fun, deep gameplay.

Truck Simulator PRO USA Apk

Realistic Truck Handling

You can drive cars that are very realistic and have been carefully modeled after real ones. Feel the power and skill of driving different kinds of goods trucks, such as semtrailers, tankers, and more. You have to get your truck through tight places, up and down steep hills, and learn how to drive for long distances as you move goods across America.

Immersive Environments

Get lost in realistic settings that show off the beauty and variety of America’s scenery. You can drive on busy city streets or difficult mountain scenery. You can also experience different weather conditions, like rain or snow, that make driving more difficult. As you deliver goods to places across the country, you can enjoy stunning views as you drive by famous sites.

Truck Simulator PRO USA Apk

Variety of Missions

Take on different tasks that will test your truck driving skills. Take on freight transport jobs that range from neighborhood deliveries to routes that go across the country. Get the things to the right place on time while navigating traffic, following the rules of the road, avoiding accidents, and dealing with unexpected problems that come up along the way.

Career Progression

Start from the bottom as a truck driver and work your way up to owning a well-known, top-tier delivery company. Complete tasks to earn money, which you can then use to buy new or better trucks with better performance features. To be more successful in this tough business, you should hire more drivers and add more vehicles to your fleet.

Truck Simulator PRO USA Apk

Customization Options

You can change a lot of things about your cars to make them look the way you want them to. You can change the way your truck looks by adding different paint colors, decals, and decorations. You can make your truck better on the road by improving its engine performance, handling, and stopping systems.

The key features of Truck Simulator PRO USA include:

Wide array of trucks: You can pick from a number of actual truck models, each with its own features, functions, and ways to make it your own.

Realistic driving experience: Learn how hard and complicated it is to drive a truck by controlling your speed, changing gears, using your turn signals, and following the rules of the road.

Immersive open world: Look around on a huge open world map that looks like the United States, with roads, cities, rural areas, and off-road trails and more.

Engaging missions and tasks: Carry out different jobs and tasks related to cargo transportation, like getting goods to different places on time and making sure they are safe.

Realistic physics and graphics: Enjoy realistic truck physics that accurately model how the truck handles, how its weight is distributed, and how it moves. The Games also has settings that look good and graphics that are very detailed.

Weather conditions: Experience sudden changes in the weather that affect driving conditions, such as clouds or fog that make your trips more difficult.

Day-night cycle: Enjoy a realistic day-night cycle that makes the game feel more real by simulating different lighting conditions.

In-depth customization options: You can change the paint colors, stickers, wheels, and other parts of your trucks to make them fit your style and tastes.

Radio stations and sound effects: You can listen to different radio stations that play real Music or enjoy realistic sound effects like engine sounds, horn honking, and background noises.

Free roam mode: You can move through the open world at your own speed and don’t have to meet any set goals or deadlines.

Leaderboards and achievements: You can compete with players from all over the world by moving up the leaderboards or unlocking awards that depend on how well you do in different parts of truck driving.

Real-time traffic system: Talk to AI-driven cars on the road and follow the rules of the road, including signs, warnings, passing, and more.

Truck Simulator PRO USA Apk

In general, Truck Simulator PRO USA gives players a realistic and engaging truck driving experience that fans of real-life Simulation games will enjoy.


Truck Simulator PRO USA lets you drive a truck in a realistic and engaging way, and it lets you explore the vast American roads from the comfort of your own device. This simulation game is a must-play for truck fans and open-world driving game fans alike. It has great graphics, difficult missions, and a lot of attention to detail.

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