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World Conqueror 4 v1.8.2 MOD APK (Unlocked)

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World Conqueror 4 is a WWII turn-based strategy game. Players can lead troops, surge into battle, and comprehend war’s cruelty and truth. World War II returns, mythology begins.

World Conqueror 4 immerses players in the realm of turn-based military strategy, delving deep into the annals of World War II. Here, you don the mantle of a commander, orchestrating troop movements, leading them into the crucible of combat, all while confronting the stark and unvarnished realities of war. It’s a stage where the echoes of World War II resound anew, birthing legends in their wake.

World Conqueror 4 Apk

Historical Campaigns

World Conqueror 4 on over a century’s worth of captivating campaigns, each steeped in historical significance. Traverse iconic moments like the evacuation at Dunkirk, the brutal battlegrounds of Stalingrad, the sweeping sands of the North African theater, and the pivotal confrontation at the Midway Islands. As a commander, you’ll steer your forces towards strategic objectives, all within the constraints of time-sensitive scenarios.

Global Conquest

Experience the tumultuous progression of history through various eras: [WWⅡ 1939], [WWⅡ 1943], the Cold War era of 1950, and the Modern War landscape of 1980. With the entire world as your canvas, you wield the power to mold diplomatic strategies, offer support to allies, and even engage in acts of war against other nations. Tailor your strategic objectives to the ever-evolving battlefield, constructing cities, advancing scientific frontiers, and marshaling formidable military units. Emerge triumphant by rapidly securing territories, your accomplishments etched onto the Google Game leaderboard alongside fellow commanders.

World Conqueror 4 Apk

Legion Building

Forge your army’s strength within the confines of your headquarters, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, be it for training exercises or full-scale legion skirmishes. The art of arranging troops and the selection of adept generals are your keys to unlocking victory. Challenge your commanding prowess through 40 demanding operations that push your strategic acumen to its limits.


Handpick exceptional generals to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you on the battlefield, elevating their ranks and honing their skills to perfection. Adorn your generals with the medals of valor you’ve earned, enhancing their capabilities. Engage in city-based tasks and trade resources with shrewd merchants. Embark on the construction of architectural marvels, unlocking a myriad of world landmarks. Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology, enhancing the combat efficacy of all military units under your command.

World Conqueror 4 Apk

Noteworthy Features

World Conqueror 4 boasts a staggering array of content, including 50 nations, 230 illustrious generals, 216 diverse military units, 42 specialized skills, and 16 prestigious medals. Engage in over 100 gripping campaigns, partake in 120 legion battles, and tackle 40 formidable challenges, among other thrilling adventures. Unlock 175 technologies spanning across the realms of army, navy, air force, missiles, nuclear armaments, and space weaponry.

Explore 30 awe-inspiring architectural wonders and uncover 16 iconic landmarks. Prove your mettle through the pursuit of 50 achievements that await your tenacity. Opt for automatic combat mode, allowing AI to direct your forces seamlessly. Traverse a vast and interconnected world map, with the option to zoom in and out at will. Finally, test your mettle in Conquest mode and vie for supremacy on the Google Game leader board.

In World Conqueror 4, the stage is set for you to inscribe your name in the annals of military history. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge as a true conqueror?

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