Zombeast v0.35 MOD APK (Anti-Shock – GOD MOD)

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Innovative OFFLINE survival shooter Zombeast (MOD, Money) aims to destroy them all!You survived in a zombie infested metropolis.You must become a great zombie slayer to fight an army of dead!

Use a wide range of Tools to get better at killing zombies and join the ranks of experienced zombie killers.

Wage War on Hordes of Zombies!

In Zombeast, you’re in for a thrilling offline survival shooting experience. Your only goal is to kill all of the zombies. You have been left alone in a city where crazy zombies have taken over. To escape this horde of dead people, you must turn into a very skilled zombie killer.

Zombeast Apk

Immerse Yourself in a Story-Driven Survival Challenge

You can play a Games with heart-pounding action, spooky graphics, and spine-chilling sounds that capture the grim zombie apocalypse. Move through a series of campaign tasks and mini-goals that will keep you busy fighting the horde of crazy zombies.

Epic Offline FPS Action

Arm yourself with a huge collection of guns and gear made to fight off endless waves of zombies. You can kill zombies with pistols, sniper rifles, miniguns, shotguns, assault rifles, explosives, and even weapons you hold in your hands.

Face a Variety of Gruesome Foes

Learn what makes each of your evil enemies different. No type of undead has been left out: fat zombies, quick-leapers, sword-wielding fanatics, and toxic abominations. This First Person Shooter is easy to learn, but hard to get really good at. In this world, the most important rule is easy: kill them all. Find cover behind the scattered cars and barricades, and let your weapons do the talking.

Zombeast Apk

Survival of the Fittest

In the endless run game, you can put your skills to the test by killing a variety of zombies. Zombeast is an offline zombie game that gets new tasks, features, and content all the time to keep you interested.

The Final Stand of Humanity

Don’t stop killing zombies if you want to move forward, or you’ll become a target yourself. Prepare for First Person Shooter (FPS) Action that moves quickly and gives no respect. In this harsh world, the only way to stay alive is to keep going.

Zombeast Apk

Diverse Offline Game Modes

When you use mutators, each enemy you kill makes you stronger and faster. In this FPS zombie game, you can kill crazed zombies with better weapons.

In Zombeast, you’ll have to find your inner zombie killer, beat the chances, and kill the most zombies to become the best. ????????‍♂????‍♀

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