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KITERETSU, Inc. created the arcade game Zookeeper Battle (MOD, Unlimited CP) for the Android and iOS platforms. It involves chain catches to be a true master and the addition of a feature called “My Zoo,” wherein players create the world’s best zoo by displaying collected avatars.

Zookeeper Battle offers a glimpse into life without free-to-play restrictions, making it accessible for new players to join and engage in the gameplay within seconds. The game focuses on testing intelligence, reflexes, and speed of thought while allowing players to compete against others online.

This uniquely designed game encourages players to strategize and create the best zoo possible, making it an engaging experience for mobile gamers. Whether you are a seasoned ZOOKEEPER fan or a new player, the game offers a simple yet enjoyable gaming experience for all.


About this game and its features

1. Evolution Of Zookeeper Battle Game

The ZOOKEEPER BATTLE game is the evolution of the original ZOOKEEPER game, introducing a new competitive aspect to the classic puzzle gameplay. Players can engage in thrilling matchups as they strategically match animal blocks to outscore their opponents.

The emergence of the ZOOKEEPER BATTLE game brings a fresh and engaging experience, allowing players to compete in a challenging and addictive environment.

2. Features And Gameplay Of Zookeeper Battle Game

In Zookeeper Battle Game, players can enjoy real-time multiplayer gameplay, adding an exciting competitive element to the experience. The game offers customizable zoo layouts and characters, allowing players to personalize their own zoo experience.

Moreover, with the inclusion of power-ups and special abilities, players can strategize and enhance their gameplay to gain an upper hand in battles. These features add depth and engagement to the game, making Zookeeper Battle Game an exhilarating and dynamic gaming experience for players.


3. Strategic Tips For Winning the Zookeeper Battle

Zoomeper Battle is a strategic game that requires careful planning and quick thinking. Understanding combo mechanics is crucial for success. Combos are essential for creating powerful moves that can turn the tide of battle.

Learning to utilize power-ups effectively can give you an edge. Power-ups can greatly enhance your zoo team’s performance and lead to victory. Building a balanced zoo team is key to maintaining a strong defense while also launching powerful attacks. Balance is essential for long-term success in battles. By mastering these strategic tips, you can improve your chances of winning the zombie battle.

4. In-game Events And Competitions

Overview of tournaments and challenges: In the Zookeeper Battle game, players can participate in various in-game events and competitions. These events may include tournaments, challenges, and special activities. Players have the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with others in these events to earn rewards and achievements.

Rewards and achievements: By participating in these in-game events, players can earn various rewards and achievements. These rewards may include in-game currency, special items, power-ups, and exclusive avatars. Achievements are a way for players to showcase their progress and accomplishments within the game, adding a competitive element to the overall gaming experience.


5. Benefits Of Zookeeper Battle Game

The zombie battle game offers various benefits for players. One of the cognitive benefits of the game is the opportunity for puzzle-solving, which enhances problem-solving skills and critical thinking. This game also provides social and competitive enjoyment, allowing players to engage in friendly competition and interact with other players.

It fosters a sense of community and collaboration among players, adding to the enjoyment and excitement of the game. In addition, ZOOKEEPER BATTLE offers a platform for players to showcase their strategic thinking and quick decision-making skills, contributing to an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

6. Future Of Zookeeper Battle

Zoomeper Battle is an arcade game that has gained immense popularity over the years. With potential updates and developments in the pipeline, players have high expectations and speculations regarding the future of the game. The game’s “My Zoo” feature has garnered attention, allowing players to create the world’s best zoo by displaying their collected avatars.

Additionally, the introduction of lucky animals in each round, providing a boost to both attack and defense, has added an element of excitement. The simplicity of the game rules has attracted both long-time ZOOKEEPER fans and new players, making it accessible to all. With a dedicated community on platforms such as Reddit, players continue to discuss strategies and partake in the ever-evolving world of ZOOKEEPER BATTLE.



  • Competitive multiplayer matches with global players
  • Cute and charismatic animal characters
  • Fast-paced match-three puzzle gameplay
  • Various power-ups and items to enhance gameplay
  • Leaderboards and rankings to track progress

Frequently Asked Questions About the Zookeeper Battle Game

How Do I Play the Zookeeper Battle Game?

To play Zookeeper Battle Game, you need to match animal blocks to attack your opponent. Create long chains to give powerful blows and defend your zoo. Collect strong animals and utilize their features to win.

What are the key strategies in the Zookeeper Battle Game?

In Zookeeper Battle, focus on building large chains to launch powerful attacks. Collect strong animals and utilize the lucky animal boost. Remember to prioritize defense while aiming for high combo chains.

Where can I download the Zookeeper Battle Game?

You can download Zookeeper Battle Game for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS. Join the fun and start building your zoo today!



The Zookeeper Battle Game offers an exciting and engaging experience for players of all ages. With its intuitive gameplay and strategic depth, the game provides a fun way to pass the time while challenging your skills. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, Zookeeper Battle Game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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