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Action Launcher Plus v50.7 APK (MOD, Full Unlocked)

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Action Launcher Plus are apps that allow users to customize the appearance and functionality of their Android device’s home screen, app drawer, and overall user interface.

Action Launcher Plus isn’t just another launcher for your Android device. Instead, it’s a home screen replacement with a lot of features and customization options that takes your Android experience to the next level. This launcher is one of the best Android customization Tools because it has new features, a sleek design, and works hard to keep your device running smoothly and in order.

Action Launcher Plus Apk

Quicktheme and Customization

Quicktheme is one of the best things about Action Launcher Plus. This cool tool lets you take colors from your wallpaper that stand out and use them all over your system. This gives your device a uniform, pleasing look. With a wide range of customization choices, you can change everything about your home screen, from the fonts and icons to the animations and gestures.

Adaptive Icon Support

Action Launcher Plus takes full advantage of Android’s customizable icon system, which lets you change the look of Apps icons to fit your style. This launcher gives you more freedom than any other when it comes to designing icons, whether you like traditional icons or a uniform, adaptable look.

Smartsize Icons

Tired of having icons of different sizes all over your home screen? Smartsize buttons help save the day for Action Launcher Plus. This feature instantly changes the size of icons so that they all look the same and polished. This makes your home screen look good and keep things in order.

Action Launcher Plus Apk

Covers and Shutters

The launcher has new features like Covers and Shutters that make it easier to organize your home screen and apps. Covers work like folder icons and let you open multiple apps at once, while Shutters let you open tools right from your app icons.

Quickpage and Quickdrawer

Action Launcher Plus has two ways to get to apps quickly: Quickpage and Quickdrawer. Quickpage adds an extra page to your home screen where you can put tools or shortcuts. Quickdrawer gives you an easy-to-use vertical app drawer so that your apps are always close at hand.

Seamless Integration with Android

The app works well with Android and doesn’t get in the way of the user’s experience. It uses Android’s functions and design ideas, so it will work with the most recent versions of the operating system.

Action Launcher Plus Apk

Regular Updates

The person who made Action Launcher Plus is committed to making it better and adding more features. Updates add new features, improve performance, and fix bugs. This keeps your app up-to-date and reliable.

some key features commonly associated with “Action Launcher Plus”:

  1. Customizable Home Screen: Users can personalize their home screen by changing the wallpaper, icon size, grid layout, and more.
  2. Quicktheme: This feature allows users to extract colors from their wallpaper and apply them to the launcher’s theme, creating a cohesive look.
  3. App Shortcuts: “Action Launcher” supports Android’s app shortcuts, allowing users to access specific app functions or actions directly from the home screen.
  4. Quickdrawer: The app drawer, referred to as the Quickdrawer, is designed for fast and easy access to installed apps. It can be accessed by swiping from the left or right side of the screen.
  5. Shutters: Users can swipe up on app icons to reveal widget-like “shutters” that display app-specific information without opening the app.
  6. Smartsize icons: Icon resizing ensures that all icons on the home screen are uniform in size and appearance.
  7. Smartwidgets: “Action Launcher” supports customizable widgets that can be added to the home screen.
  8. App drawer customization: Users can organize apps in the app drawer by creating folders, adding tabs, and applying filters.
  9. Notification badges: The launcher can display notification badges on app icons to indicate unread messages or notifications.
  10. Adaptive icons: Adaptive icons allow users to apply different icon shapes and styles to their apps.


Action Launcher Plus is the best home screen option for Android users who care about being able to change things, getting things done quickly, and having a sleek design. It gives you a better Android experience with its new features, flexible icon support, and promise to work well with Android. With Action Launcher Plus, you can take your device’s home screen to a whole new level and customize it like never before.

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