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Angry Birds Match 3 v7.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited lives/boosters)

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Angry Birds Match 3 (MOD,Unlimited) lives and boosters – In this game, players are tasked with matching colorful items and solving puzzles in a world inhabited by the iconic Angry Birds characters.Is a mobile puzzle game that combines the popular Angry Birds franchise with match-3 game-play mechanics.


This is a fun mobile Games called Angry Birds Match 3, which combines the popular Angry Birds characters with the standard match-3 Puzzles style. The Rovio Entertainment Corporation made this game, which is a fun and new way to experience the world of Angry Birds while testing your puzzle-solving skills. Today, we’re going to look into the bright and fun world of Angry Birds Match 3 and find out why fans love it so much.

Angry Birds Match 3 Apk

What Is Angry Birds Match 3?

The famous Angry Birds figures, like Red, Chuck, and Bomb, are in the match-3 puzzle game Angry Birds Match 3. In the lively world of Angry Birds, the game challenges players to match birds, pop piggies, and solve a variety of tasks.

The Gameplay

Match-3 Puzzles

Match-3 problems are what the game is mostly about. A player must match at least three birds of the same color to get rid of them. The game gets more interesting as you go through it because each level has new goals and obstacles.

Unlocking Birds

As you play, you’ll be able to unlock and collect different Angry Birds characters, each with their own unique skills. You can use these skills to get past obstacles, beat the naughty piggies, and finish rounds.

Power-Ups and Combos

There are power-ups and combos in the game that make the problems more fun. When you mix special bird skills with power-ups, you can start amazing chain reactions that will help you get high scores.

Charming Environments

The settings in Angry Birds Match 3 are bright and cute, just like the world of Angry Birds. The graphics of the game are both beautiful and bring back memories for fans of the series.

Daily Challenges

There are daily tasks and events that players can take part in that offer rewards. This keeps players interested in playing the game regularly.

Angry Birds Match 3 Apk

Why Angry Birds Match 3 Stands Out

Familiar Characters

The well-known Angry Birds characters make the match-3 game genre more fun and brings back memories.

Engaging Puzzles

The puzzles in the game are meant to get harder as you go through the levels, which keeps players interested and driven to keep going.

Power-Ups and Combos

Adding power-ups and combos to match-3 games gives them more depth and strategy, letting players come up with creative ways to beat levels.

Angry Birds Match 3 Apk


Angry Birds Match 3 is a fun new take on the match-3 game genre because it uses the Angry Birds world’s charm and humor. Angry Birds fans and people who have never played the series before will both enjoy and find it difficult to solve the puzzles in this game.

So, come on a journey with Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the flock! It will be full of match-3 puzzles and fun pigpopped!

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