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Cooking Diary (MOD, Unlimited Money) v2.24.0 APK

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Cooking Diary (MOD, Unlimited Money): Take on the role of a chef in your very own restaurant and embark on exciting escapades in this entertaining time management game! Whip up delectable dishes, enhance your kitchen, adorn new cafes and eateries, and dominate the culinary scene. This game is sure to ignite a genuine passion for cooking within you! Join the ranks of 50 million exceptional chefs worldwide! Welcome to Tasty Hills, a delightful city where everyone appreciates culinary prowess. It’s your chance to chronicle your cooking journey. Assist your grandfather in rescuing his family’s cafes and restaurant chains while restoring his reputation. Don’t allow your rivals any opportunity to hatch outlandish schemes. Forge meaningful friendships, oversee eateries, and prepare mouthwatering gourmet meals from various corners of the globe! Amp up your kitchen and brace yourself for culinary mayhem! Immerse yourself in captivating city events and establish yourself as a renowned chef!

Cooking Diary Apk

Experience the Cooking Diary Restaurant Game, where you can prepare a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes from different cultures. Establish numerous eateries and coffee shops across Tasty Hills, customizing them to your liking. Enhance your restaurants and satisfy your passion for cooking. Showcase your trendy attire to impress the world. Bond with adorable pets and form lasting friendships. Compete in thrilling culinary contests for fantastic rewards. Engage with the city’s inhabitants and immerse yourself in an enthralling narrative. Join forces with friends for collaborative cooking and enjoyment. This culinary game brings together food enthusiasts worldwide, fostering enduring connections through a shared love of cooking. Whether online or offline, you can indulge in restaurant cooking and culinary escapades. Embark on an exhilarating journey in the Tasty Hills to leave a mark on culinary history as a distinguished chef!

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