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Unleash the power of Hero Wars Alliance (MOD, Energy) on Android! Assemble a mighty alliance and embark on a heroic quest for victory. Play for free!

Hero Wars Apk


Welcome to Hero Wars, an online idle RPG fantasy game where players are invited to fight the Archdemon and his evil army in battles that will change the course of history. You will travel through a world full of epic heroes in this exciting adventure. You will also go on an amazing journey full of exciting encounters.

Unleash Heroic Power

In Hero Wars, you start your journey with the power to change the course of history. For your army to become an unbeatable force, you need to train it and give your heroes more power. Make alliances and start guilds to leave the Dominion a peaceful legacy and leave your name as a great warrior.

Hero Wars Apk

Engaging Multiplayer Wars

In this online AFK RPG fantasy journey, you can fight in exciting multiplayer battles. In the PvP field, you can show off your strategic skills and hero strength in epic battles against other players. In boss fights, you’ll face legendary enemies that will test your skills and strategy.

Guilds and Collaboration

You can share your skills, strategies, and friendships with other fighters by joining a guild or making your own. Work with allies to make your army stronger and face tasks with them. It’s not just about how strong you are as a person in Hero Wars; it’s also about making friends and rising as a team.

Rich Rewards and Legendary Items

By beating tasks, you can get rewards, rare items, and higher levels in the game. Hero Wars makes the trip just as fun as the end goal. To become a famous hero, you must collect powerful artifacts and improve your hero’s skills.

Hero Wars Apk

Summon Heroes, Titans, and Legends

Call on a wide range of heroes, titans, and famous figures to fight in epic battles for control of the Dominion. Get lost in the fight arena, where the stories of your heroes will live on forever. The battle for power has begun, and only the strongest will come out on top.

Idle War RPG

You can fight enemies and gather heroes to make your army stronger in this idle war RPG set in the Land of the Dominion. To win wars, you need to level up your heroes and give them new abilities and skills. Mark your place in history next to legendary heroes, and write your name in the books of history.

Strategic Minigames

The fighting arena has a lot of different challenges, from big boss fights with the Archdemon to strategic minigames. Along the way, fight enemies and solve Puzzles as you climb a tower in the City Gates minigame. Show off your strength and ability to think strategically in this engaging game.

Hero Wars Apk

Auto-Battler for Streamlined Gameplay

You can play this mobile idle RPG anywhere and at any time, and the auto-battler Tools let you beat time limits. Let your heroes keep going on their quests, even if they have a lot going on. This way, stories will be made no matter when you are available.

Key features of “Hero Wars” typically include:

  1. Hero Collection: Players can collect and upgrade a variety of heroes, each with unique abilities and attributes. As the game progresses, you can unlock and strengthen your heroes to build a powerful team.
  2. Campaign Mode: The game often includes a campaign mode where players can embark on a story-driven adventure, completing levels, battling enemies, and uncovering the game’s narrative.
  3. Guilds and Alliances: Guilds or alliances are a common feature, allowing players to join forces with others, participate in guild-based activities, and collaborate on in-game challenges.
  4. Strategic Gameplay: “Hero Wars” typically involves strategic gameplay, requiring players to form effective teams, choose optimal hero combinations, and use tactics in battles.
  5. Events and Challenges: The game often includes regular events, challenges, and special missions that offer rewards and keep the gameplay experience fresh.
  6. Role-Playing Elements: RPG elements such as character progression, equipment upgrades, and skill enhancements are usually present, allowing players to customize and improve their heroes.
Hero Wars Apk


In Hero Wars, you have the power to change fates, make friends, and become a famous hero. You can get the epic mobile fantasy RPG and get lost in a world where legends are made and epic journeys happen. The Dominion calls, and heroes rise to answer. Will you answer?

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