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Learn 33 Languages – Mondly (MOD, (Premium) is a language learning app that offers comprehensive lessons in over 30 languages. It provides a range of interactive and engaging features, including speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice, practical vocabulary and conversational skills, clear audio recordings by native speakers, gamified elements, and daily challenges to motivate consistent learning. The app’s structured approach and offline capabilities make it a valuable resource for individuals looking to acquire proficiency in multiple languages.

Learn 33 Languages Apk


Start your journey of learning a language with Mondly, a free app that has lessons in a huge number of languages. Mondly can meet your needs by giving you daily lessons to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, no matter if you’re a beginner, an advanced learner, a traveler, or a busy worker.

What is Learn 33 Languages—Mondly?

Learn 33 Languages—Mondly is an app for learning languages that have lessons in 33 languages that you can communicate with. Speech recognition technology, professional voice actors, and a program that focuses on conversations are all used to help users become fluent in the language they choose. Mondly is an engaging and useful app for learning new languages. It has daily lessons, chatbot chats, and augmented reality experiences.

Learn 33 Languages Apk

Supported Languages

You can learn Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Polish, and more.

Key Features And Functionalities

Explore the features that make Mondly a standout language-learning app:

1. Fun and Dynamic Lessons

You can start remembering basic words, making sentences, and joining discussions right away. Mondly’s lessons are fun and interesting for students of all skill levels.

2. Comprehensive Language Exercises

Do tasks in reading, listening, writing, and talking. The app has a glossary, a verb conjugator, and the most up-to-date speech recognition technology.

3. Awards and Recognition

Facebook named Mondly the App of the Year (2017 EMEA Winner), and 60 million people around the world love it. Some news sources, like Business Insider, CNN, and Forbes, have said nice things about it.

Learn 33 Languages Apk

4. VR & AR Experiences

Mondly is the first app for learning languages to offer VR and AR experiences for language learning. It also has speech recognition and robot technologies built in.

5. The Secret Path to Language Learning

Mondly is different from other language classes because it uses a creative method. It starts with a simple chat that helps you remember important words and phrases that you can use right away.

6. Crystal-Clear Audio and Professional Voice Actors

Talking with local speakers is the best way to learn how to pronounce words correctly.

7. State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

Mondly watches how you say words and phrases and tells you when your speech is clear and right.

8. Useful Phrases for Real Situations

Learn new words and phrases by learning them in short, themed lessons that are based on real-life scenarios.

Learn 33 Languages Apk

9. Verb Conjugations

You can get full word conjugations and translations by tapping on them. This is faster and more effective than using a dictionary for learning.

10. Advanced Statistics and Leaderboard

Smart reporting lets you keep track of your progress, and the ranking lets you see how you stack up against other students from around the world.

11. Adaptive Learning

Mondly changes based on how you learn, becoming your unique teacher and guide.

User Reviews And Reception

“Learn 33 Languages – Mondly” has received acclaim from users, achieving an impressive average rating of 4.7/5 stars on app stores. The app has been widely praised for its comprehensive language learning curriculum, offering lessons in multiple languages with a strong focus on practical vocabulary and conversational skills.

Users have commended the interactive nature of the lessons, which incorporate speech recognition technology to provide instant feedback on pronunciation. Additionally, engaging gamified elements and daily challenges have been highlighted as effective motivators for consistent learning.

Learn 33 Languages Apk

Together, Mondly and other apps make learning a new language fun and effective. You’ll learn the most useful 5,000 words and sentences by the end of the lessons. This will put you on the fast track to making good use of the language. Get the language learning pill right now and enjoy better language skills for life!

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