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Matchington Mansion 1.152.0 APK (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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Matchington Mansion (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – In Matchington Mansion, players follow the story of a lively and adventurous character named Tiffany, who inherits an old mansion from her eccentric and charming great aunt. As the game progresses, players are tasked with renovating and decorating the mansion room by room, while simultaneously solving engaging match-3 puzzles to earn rewards and progress in the storyline.

Transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary masterpieces in Matchington Mansion! Join the renovation frenzy and solve puzzles to unlock stunning designs.


If you are a fan of match-3 puzzle games and enjoy home renovation simulations, then Matchington Mansion is the perfect android game for you. This delightful game combines the thrill of solving challenging match-3 puzzles with the joy of designing and decorating your dream mansion. Embark on a journey with the lovable characters, complete exciting levels, and uncover the secrets of the old mansion. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of Matchington Mansion, exploring its addictive gameplay, unique features, and what makes it a standout title among mobile games.

Welcome to the Matchington Mansion

As the protagonist of the game, you inherit a beautiful but rundown mansion from your eccentric Great Aunt. Your mission is to restore the mansion to its former glory by completing various match-3 levels and earning stars. Each completed level allows you to unlock new rooms and areas of the mansion, giving you the freedom to explore and renovate.

Engaging Match-3 Puzzles

Matchington Mansion’s core gameplay revolves around exciting match-3 puzzles. Slide colorful candies, cookies, and other delectable items to create matches of three or more. Each level presents unique challenges, such as limited moves, obstacles, and objectives to achieve. The more levels you complete, the more rewards and resources you earn to progress in the renovation journey.

Design and Decorate

What sets Matchington Mansion apart from traditional match-3 games is the home renovation aspect. Players can unleash their creativity and design skills to furnish and decorate the mansion as they see fit. From selecting furniture and wallpapers to choosing the perfect drapes and carpets, every detail is under your control. Personalize your mansion to reflect your style and taste.

Meet the Colorful Cast

Throughout the game, you will encounter a charming cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and quirks. Interact with your quirky neighbors, such as Rex the dog and the witty butler, to uncover the mysteries hidden within the mansion. The delightful storyline adds depth to the game and keeps players engaged in the narrative.

Daily Rewards and Events

Matchington Mansion keeps the excitement alive with daily rewards, challenges, and special events. Participate in limited-time events to win exclusive rewards and decorations for your mansion. The developers frequently introduce new events and content, ensuring that players always have something fresh to experience.

Social Features and Friendships

Connect the game to your Facebook account to team up with friends and exchange lives and gifts. You can also visit your friends’ mansions to gain inspiration for your own renovations or offer a helping hand. The social aspect adds a sense of community to the game and encourages friendly competition.

Stunning Graphics and Soundtrack

Matchington Mansion boasts stunning graphics and colorful animations that bring the mansion and its surroundings to life. The soothing soundtrack complements the game play, creating a relaxing and immersive experience for players.

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