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In My Horse Stories, take on the racetrack to become a champion among competing stars. Your relationships with your stunning starry stable horses will determine your success in this interactive horse riding game.

Introduction to the World of My Horse Stories

Get ready to be taken to a world filled with the thundering hooves of racetracks, the peaceful beauty of Kentucky landscapes, and deep bonds with beautiful horses. My Horse Stories isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive experience that lets you become a winner among tough opponents.

My Horse Stories Apk

An Unexpected Twist of Fate

Your plans for the summer to walk around the busy streets of New York City have taken a surprising turn. Instead of living in a busy city, you spend the summer with your grandmother at her Stars Stable horse farm in the quiet middle of Kentucky. Even though you didn’t want this change to happen, it opens up a whole new world of options you never saw coming.

From City to Country

When you put yourself in the shoes of a city person who loves the country, you see the beautiful scenery of Kentucky. After being unsure at first, you soon realize that this summer Adventure has a lot of untapped potential. The horse farm becomes your safe place, and your relationship with a beautiful horse friend grows stronger every day. This beautiful horse becomes your loyal friend, and the two of you will create a unique horse ride story together.

My Horse Stories Apk

Beyond the Races

My Horse Stories isn’t just about races and battles that are exciting and hard to watch. During the quiet parts of training, you’ll find comfort in the Stars Stable horses. These magnificent creatures will make you wonder and fill your heart with joy. Take the time to care for and love them, because their happiness is important to your success. Give them lots of love, brush their silky manes, and put beautiful saddles on them that match their amazing beauty.

The Path to Champion

If you want to beat your competition and win races, you need to learn the art of riding. Your unwavering determination will push you to face rival stars who are strong opponents who are ready to test your skills and strength. Through hard training, you and your horse will form a strong bond that will last forever. This will set the stage for famous horse riding stories that will be told for generations to come.

Seize Every Moment

Use this chance as much as you can! Dress up in cowgirl boots, give your new horse friend lots of care, race like a champion, and write a horse story into the annals of your memory! Be careful with southern belles, because not all of them are as nice as they look. Enjoy the stable boy’s company and enjoy the moment… ooh la la!

My Horse Stories Apk

Key Features of My Horse Stories

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things that make My Horse Stories so interesting:

Rise as a Horse Racing Sensation

Take the spirit of summer and put it into a horse story to become a horse Racing star. Your path from beginner to winner is waiting for you.

Devotion to Training

Train every day with your loyal horse until you’re ready to rule the international horse race world. Those who work hard will get what they want.

Stylish Cowgirl Boots

Put on the look of a winner with the coolest cowboy boots you can find. Not just winning races is important, but so is making a message.

Grooming and Outfitting

You can make your pet horse look better by grooming it, feeding it, and giving it a nice saddle. The way your horse looks shows how hard you work.

Farm Duties and Expansion

Do your farm chores with care, or Grams won’t be forgiving. Raise the level of your horse story farm and build new buildings to help you on your way.

Thrilling Global Races

Take part in exciting horse races around the world. Show off your skills and amaze people with your amazing jumps.

Leaderboard Glory

Climb the leaderboard for My Horse Stories and bring honor to your family’s name. Show the world that you should be taken seriously.


My Horse Stories is a thrilling horse riding adventure where your reputation as a champion rider will be written. With hard work, training, and the bond you have with your beautiful horse, you can make your way to success in this beautiful world. Get ready to feel the excitement of the racetrack and leave your mark in My Horse Stories.

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