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Viber v21.8.1.0 APK (MOD, Patched)

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Viber (MOD, Patched) is a widely used messaging and calling application that allows users to connect with friends, family, and contacts across the globe. The app provides various communication features, including text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and more.

Safe chats and calls on Viber can help you talk to people better.

Viber goes above and beyond regular texting and talking Apps because it puts your privacy and safety first. Viber makes sure that your conversations stay private and secure by putting a lot of emphasis on safe talks and encrypted calls. Viber’s security features let you stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers while giving you peace of mind.

End-to-End Encryption for Ultimate Privacy

Viber’s end-to-end security shows that it cares about privacy. Every message, call, picture, and video you send or receive is encrypted, so only you and the person you are talking to can see it. Your talks stay private and safe, away from people who want to listen in.

Secure Group Chats

Use group chats to work together and connect with many people without putting your security at risk. Viber’s end-to-end security works for group chats as well, so you can share ideas, plans, and thoughts in a safe place.

Encrypted Voice and Video Calls

Viber doesn’t just encrypt text messages; it also encrypts voice calls and video chats. Whether you’re talking to friends and family or speaking important business with coworkers, your calls stay private and can’t be listened to by people who shouldn’t be.

Disappearing Messages for Added Privacy

Viber now lets you send texts that disappear after a certain amount of time. This feature is great for sharing sensitive information or having short-term talks, so your conversations will only last for a certain amount of time.

Verify Contacts with Security Codes

Viber has a security code verification Tools that lets you make sure your contacts are who they say they are. When you trade security codes with a contact, you can be sure that your communication is safe and that you’re talking to the right person.

Protect Your Privacy with Hidden Chats

With Viber’s “hidden chats” option, you can hide certain conversations until you enter a PIN or use biometric authentication. This function adds an extra layer of privacy, making sure that no one can see what you say in your private chats.

Secure Your Communication with Viber

Are you ready to put your privacy and safety first while still living online? Because Viber is committed to safe chats and protected calls, it gives you a place to talk where you can feel safe. Improve the way you communicate and feel free to bond without giving up your privacy.

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